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Counseling is a very big investment. In yourself, your future and your time. It takes a lot of courage to seek help. I hope the following gives you the information you need to feel comfortable beginning with L&L's Counseling & Wellness.

Would you benefit from of the clinic's specialties?

You would if you have any of the following symptoms or issues: 

Excessive worry, appetite change due to stress or feeling down, difficulty sleeping due to stress/feeling down, irritable, restless, difficulty concentrating. (This is anxiety)

If stress and worry get excessive, thinking about the same thing over and over, wanting to fix things, wanting things to be in the right place, routines or other "lifetsyle rituals" to help feel control. (This is OCD)

If stress is severe, shortness of breath, feeling dizzy, light headed, feeling crazy, not able to function, maybe going to pass out or feeling like you have a heart attack. (This is anxiety/panic attacks)

Having a rough childhood. This could include overbearing parents that made you feel controlled, low self esteem and/or neglectful parents. This could also be experiencing any emotional, sexual, verbal or physical abuse by anyone, including parents. This could also be experiencing events in life that were frequent that were traumatic in nature. These events can significantly impact your current life. (This is C-PTSD)

Having flashbacks of traumatic events/or event that disrupts your day to day life. This could make you dissociate or not function well. This could include nightmares and repeated memories of the event. Note: I do not treat childhood sexual abuse (PTSD)

 Feeling down. Worthless, feeling lack of direction, guilty, shamed, feeling like you would no longer want to live, difficulty sleeping, or an increased amount of sleep due to feeling down. (This is Depression)

Difficulty concentrating. Not able to function well and accomplish things due to mind wandering. (This is ADHD)

Relationship issues. Feeling like you do not have a voice in the relationship, feel controlled, manipulated. Emotional, physical abuse. (This is relationship issues such as Domestic Violence and codependency)

Eating issues. Not liking your body, so either not eating or eating excessively. I do not treat eating disorders if they are the main diagnosis, but will treat if it is comorbid with another, such as anxiety or depression. I will refer out if BMI is greater than 45 or less than 17. (Can be Eating Disorder spectrum such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorders).

This clinic would be appropriate if you like these modalities:

I would be an appropriate therapist for you if you would like to see your family be included in treatment as well, and/or if you would like to see how family dynamics impacts your functioning (Family Systems)

if you would like a counselor who meets you where you are at without forcing you to be at a certain point but allows the process to be organic in nature (Client Centered)

 if you would like more homework and tools and guides as to how to help your symptoms (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) 

or if you would like to see how your thoughts lead to your behavior and to also learn how to change your thoughts in order to change your behaviors (Cognitive Behavioral).

Special Certificates include EMDR I and II training, Domestic Violence certification, Complex-Certified Clinical Trauma Professional II) and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (C-CCTP I and II), Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ Certified Coach. 

Rates Per Session: 

In Network: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana, Aetna, Cigna & Optum Behavioral Health (United Healthcare)

Please confirm that I am In-Network before scheduling an appointment, I am not accountable for out of network charges.

Out of Network: $100/session



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