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What it is: Reiki is a healing modality that is based on energy work. Reiki is able to restore balance, peace and serenity to the body. Clients often say that they feel lighter, and sometimes have experiences such as feeling touched, feeling warm, seeing auras or different colors. This treatment can be separate or treated as a supplement to counseling or Private Yoga.

How it works: You lie down on massage table that is prepared with soft linens and an eye pillow, and I will direct you through a meditative place so that you are relaxed. There is soft music, essential oils and soft lighting. I will then do energy healing. You may feel that I am physically touching you, but I am not. Often, I receive messages from an angelic realm. You are welcome to hear those messages if you wish. They are generally informative and lead to a deeper level of healing. 

Certification: Certified Reiki Master, Level II

Rates are $75 for an hour and $50 for a half hour

Akashic Record Readings

What it is: Each individual has their own records. Each record has every experience that individual soul has ever encountered. The wisdom and breadth of knowledge that is within the records to astonishing to say the least. With the records, one can make sense of the lessons that they are to learn in this lifetime, what they had to endure in previous lifetimes and answers to questions that they may need in order to move forward in this lifetime.

How it works:  It begins with you having a question to prompt the reading, such as "what is my life's purpose? What have I endured in previous lifetimes?" I will close my eyes and get connected to the Akashic Records. I will relay the messages and visions that I get from the reading. The session length is 45 minutes long. You may record the session to keep all the vital information.

Ethical considerations: These are completely confidential, extremely sacred, and 18 and younger are not able to have their records read. 

Price: $150 per session

Yoga & Meditation Sessions


Yoga: Am well versed in vinyasa flow, hatha yoga, restorative yoga and trauma informed yoga. I am able to do outdoor yoga or in my office suite. If desired, it can be at your house as well. 

Guiding through classic meditation as done in yoga, focusing on posture, breath, chanting, mindfulness and de-stressing. Also, music and theme may be suggested. Some themes: expanding love, creating internal peace, healing. I can also include Reiki if requested. 1 hour session.

Speciality: Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 2010 from Dancing Shiva, Los Angeles, CA, meditating for 20+ years

Rates: $50/hour for meditation

$75/hour for private yoga

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